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Our Products

F Touch

Looking for Quality, Want to avoid Reddish finish after plating, Want to give uniform final Colour to customer, Want to Upgrade your Process Want to reduce your refinish.


Lacquer Plant

ED Coating Acerelic e-Coating or PU Coating plants as per customized Designs

PP,PVC,MS,Tanks with prescribed linings of any Size

We see that the tank given to our customers will hold the prescribed liquid without leakage or Solution contamination over prescribed period of time. The specific liquid & temperature to be used will determine the material of construction or lining.

Plating Barrels of any size

The rotary plating barrel is used to plate parts in bulk. As a rule plating is cheaper than rack plating because all racking & unracking labour as well as costs & rack maintenance is eliminated. Required space is less & so is the amount of labour to move the material.


Filtration of all electroplating solution is important as it directly affects the properties of deposited metal.


It is used to cure or dry the coating which needs to be cured at high temperature.


It is used to improve the surface quality of base metals.

ETP Plants

For the treatment of waste water in plating shop.

Turbine Blowers

The source of air for agitation of plating baths.

D. M. Water Plant

To convert general water to demineralised water upto 0 conductivity which is required for Electroplating.


Required to maintain the temperature of the electrolyte.

Electrophoretic Plants

Electrophoretic Plants Six Month Guarantee Gold Plating Units

Portable Plants

For small quantity of work & for R & D purposes.


For Drying the plates jobs.